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Partnerships and Strategies

DERSA develops strategies and forms partnerships that consolidate it as a model company in the transport infrastructure industry in the State of São Paulo. Reference in the development and improvement of engineering procedures, DERSA implements its projects and businesses with the best, most modern and most technological solutions in the construction engineering area.

A prominent and innovative partnership was the one formed with CREA (the Regional Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy Council of the State of São Paulo), through which an integrated solution for the digital issue of the Atestado de Capacidade Técnica – ACT (Technical Capacity Certificate) was developed.

The ACT attests and proves the providing of technical services by a public or private company. The process is fully automated and, therefore, does not require the physical submission and circulation of documents. The certificate is issued in the PDF format and signed on a digital basis, eliminating the requirement of notarized signatures, with the authenticity confirmed by the Atestado Seguro (Safe Certificate) tool, available for public consultation.

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