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Our team

DERSA employs more than 500 people. The human capital is our major asset. With that in mind, our work is built on good practices, on recognizing people’s value and on the care for everybody’s health and wellbeing. Since our founding, our employees have been developing techniques, approaches and methods that deliver recognized benefits in the implementation of highly complex infrastructure projects.


Jeferson Rodrigo Bassan - LinkedIn
Executive Secretary of the Board   
Milena Melissa Gomes Saraiva

Division Managers

Secretary of the President  
Ermes da Silva (interim)
Institutional Relations Advisor  
Ermes da Silva - LinkedIn
Corporate Governance Division  
Carlos Roberto Trindade Borgonovi - LinkedIn 
Carlos Roberto Trindade Borgonovi - LinkedIn
Legal Office Superintendent
Lívia de Senne Badaro Mubarak
Legal Division
Fátima Luiza Alexandre - LinkedIn

Administrative Management

Public Auctions, Budgets and contracts Division
João Antonio Ribeiro Ferreira 
Human Resources Division   
Silvia Cristina Aranega Menezes - LinkedIn
Real Estate Assets Division
Elisangela Salomon Carreiro - LinkedIn
Information Technology and Services Division          
Pierre de Aventura Medeiros
Marketing and New Business Division 
Fellipe Babbini Marmo (interim) - LinkedIn

Engineering Management

Expropriation and Social Programs Division
Luciano Dias Lourenço - LinkedIn
Environment and Occupational Safety and Health Division
Marcelo Arreguy Barbosa - LinkedIn
Works Division
Pedro Paulo Dantas do Amaral Campos
Planning Division
João Carlos de Lima Pereira
Projects Division
Antônio Cavagliano - LinkedIn

Financial Management

Budget and Finance Division
Benjamim Venâncio de Melo Júnior (interim)
Institutional Development Division
Nilton Celso Liza - LinkedIn
Measurements Division
Estanislau Marcka

Operations Management

Operating Planning Division
Luciano de Abreu Castilho da Mota - LinkedIn
Ferry Crossings Division
Cavour Benzi Neto