Business development

Throughout the course of its history, DERSA has developed the necessary abilities to coordinate complex logistics and transport infrastructure projects.

With a highly skilled and professional technical team and a differentiated line of products, the Company delivers the most adequate solutions to meet its clients’ needs:

  • Technical cooperation: with a proprietary methodology to partially or fully manage the implementation of complex projects, DERSA combines project and environmental solutions with expropriate, social and technical issues on an efficient and safe basis.
  • Specialized technical services: DERSA provides clients with support in decision-making in all implementation stages of transport infrastructure works.
  • Public services: operation and maintenance of continuous and daily public services indispensable to the population, such as the Travessias Litorâneas (Ferry Crossings).

Thanks to its experience, DERSA is fully qualified to participate in all stages related to the implementation process of highly complex transport infrastructure projects, offering the most modern, innovative and sustainable solutions.