The numbers reflect the complexity of the projects developed and managed by DERSA:

Northern Beltway

  • The Northern Beltway, which will interconnect the western and eastern sections, will cover a length of 44 kilometers, plus a 3.6-km section to the Guarulhos International Airport. The project includes 7 double tunnels with 4 lanes in each direction and 107 special engineering structures (44 bridges and 63 overpasses). After its completion, it’s estimated that the Northern Beltway will divert 18,000 trucks from Marginal Tietê (Tietê Marginal Highway) and Marginal Pinheiros (Pinheiros Marginal Highway), helping reduce de emission of pollutants from 6% to 8%.
  • More than 15,500 (direct and indirect) workers have already been involved in the works of the Northern Beltway. 

Nova Tamoios Contornos

  • The “contours” section of the Nova Tamoios Highway, which covers a length of 33.9 kilometers and links the cities of Caraguatatuba and São Sebastião, will provide drivers with more agile and safer journeys. An 8-kilometer cycleway in the urban areas will benefit the region’s population that uses their bikes for work and leisure purposes. The project includes 5 double tunnels with 2 lanes in each direction and 53 special engineering structures (17 bridges and 36 bypasses).
  • The construction works of Nova Tamoios Contornos have already employed 8,500 (direct and indirect) workers.