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DERSA – Desenvolvimento Rodoviário S/A is a state-owned company founded in 1969 which main objective is to contribute to the development of the State of São Paulo and the country by delivering the best solutions in transport and logistics infrastructure, with innovation, knowledge and a pioneering spirit. 

Decades of successful achievements and projects have made DERSA become a national and international reference in the development of highly complex, economically feasible, environmentally friendly and socially fair transport infrastructure projects.

A company with established moral and ethical values, DERSA excels for its highly technical and skilled workforce and for delivering advanced and creative technological solutions, most of them unprecedented driving forces in the modernization of the sector. Our operations are performed based on the following pillars:

& Innovation – as a factor to solve problems and overcome challenges.

& Promptness – in taking action to achieve results.

& Efficiency – for the continuous quality improvement of our businesses.

& Sustainability – in the correct use of strategies to reach the best economic results, combined with the environmental and social needs of the communities where we operate.