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Discount in Public Tenders

For the past years, DERSA has managed to get significant discounts in public tenders. Additionally, the Company has implemented innovations that resulted in contracted services with reduced prices, leading to significant savings and improved government spending.

To get discounts and encourage the participation of interested parties, DERSA has also established a specific mechanism for the tendering of its works. The works are divided into blocks and the same bidder can offer, due to cost optimization, additional discounts in the event it becomes the winner of more than one block.

Thanks to this approach, DERSA participated in Prêmio Mario Covas (Mario Covas Award). With several categories, this award recognizes innovative (state and municipal) public services or policies. DERSA was recognized with honors in the 9th edition of the 2014 Mario Covas Award for its “Discount for the combining of blocks” approach in public tenders.

Accordingly, part of the savings attained through the sharing and optimization of resources (construction sites and equipment, for example) is granted to the government via an additional discount in the initial proposal. To give an idea of the discounts, such savings reached BRL 99,000 in the works of the Bertioga and Guarujá sheds, BRL 71.8 million in the Nova Tamoios Contornos and approximately BRL 114 million in the public tender of the Northern Section of the Mario Covas Beltway.