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For DERSA, the Social Programs concept is translated into concrete actions taken inside and outside the Company with all partners.

We form partnerships with several institutions, town councils, governmental agencies and NGOs to bring the population impacted by our works closer to supporting programs to offer information, qualification and assistance during the implementation process of our projects with justice, responsibility and safety.

Some highlights that are part of DERSA’s projects, coordinated by intersecretariat groups:

  • Department of Jail Management – Social Reintegration Coordination Office: Programa Pró Egresso (Post Release Program), which provides former inmates with job opportunities and encourages their social reintegration.
  • Department of the Economic Development, Science and Technology: Through Programa Via Rápida (Fast Track Program), we offer basic professional qualification courses.
  • Department of Justice and Citizenship Defense: the CICs (Citizenship Integration Centers) offer social public services – such as community marriages – and ensure basic citizenship rights, such as the issue of documents.
  • Department of Education: children who study in schools in the surroundings of DERSA’s projects are immediately transferred to schools in other locations. Therefore, they can continue to progress in their studies.
  • Jornadas da Cidadania (Citizenship Journeys): free leisure, health, education, social assistance and citizenship services. 

Additionally, DERSA establishes a number of conditions and social and community relations guidelines to be followed by the employees of partner companies during the carrying out of the projects, such as: safety aspects and respect for the local communities, priority on hiring local workforce and non discrimination of gender, including women in all activities.

Through these and other guidelines, people who live in the surroundings of the works have their rights dully respected.