A modern, fast and safe way to the North Coast

The Nova Tamoios will improve the access to the natural wonders of the North Coast of the State of São Paulo. Fast, safe and modern, the highway will reduce the travel time and facilitate the lives of the local population and tourists that visit the region to enjoy its beauties.


Imagem do Rodoanel com veículos

A highly complex project, the Nova Tamoios Highway was conceived to make travels easier and facilitate the lives of the local population and tourists that visit the region.

Trechos Nova Tamoios

The works to expand the highway, which is the main interconnection between Vale do Paraíba (Paraíba Valley) and the North Coast, extends for approximately 104 kilometers, divided into three sections:

Imagem da Nova Tamoios

With 48.9 kilometers, it crosses the municipalities of São José dos Campos, Jacareí, Jambeiro, and Paraibuna), expansion completed in 2014.

Plateau Section

Opened in January, 2014, the widening of the Plateau Section reduced the time spent by drivers to travel the 49 kilometers between São José dos Campos and Paraibuna.

Today, the Plateau Section has two lanes in each direction separated with “New Jersey” concrete barriers and anti-dazzle mesh fences, in addition to shoulders alongside the highway.

To improve the safety and capacity of the highway, all level intersections and crossings were removed and replaced by flyover intersections, accesses were readjusted and footbridges were built.
Imagem da Nova Tamoios

With 21.5 kilometers, it crosses the municipalities of Paraibuna and Caraguatatuba), expected to be completed in 2020.

Hill Section

The Hill Section crosses the Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar (Serra do Mar State Park), between the municipalities of Paraibuna e Caraguatatuba. The improvement and duplication works of the highway, a concession of Tamoios S.A., are likely to ensure safer conditions with less steep ramps and less and wider curves. The project started in 2015 and is expected to be concluded in 2020.
Imagem da Nova Tamoios

With 33.9 kilometers, it crosses the municipalities of Caraguatatuba and São Sebastião), currently under construction.


The Nova Tamoios Contornos will ensure faster and safer travels between the municipalities of Caraguatatuba and São Sebastião. Both the North (from São Sebastião to Caraguatatuba) and the South directions (from Caraguatatuba to São Sebastião) will be designed for trucks, what will reduce their flow in the SP-55 highway that today interconnects the two cities.

The project also includes the construction of an access to the Port of São Sebastião to eliminate the loading and unloading queues in São Sebastião’s road system, improving the traffic flow and the safety of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

Additionally, the project will positively impact the local economy as the highway is the main access to the port and the North Coast. With an improved traffic flow, the region is likely to attract more visitors and tourists, what will lead to the creation of new jobs and a higher income for the population.

The Nova Tamoios Contornos was designed according to the strictest technical standards. Some sections will be divided in two, with two lanes in each direction, and some sections will have one lane in each direction. The lanes will have 3.6 meters and the shoulders, 3 meters.