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RAO Internacional

The Aeroporto Regional Leite Lopes (Leite Lopes Regional Airport) is located in the city of Ribeirão Preto, part of a strategic and economically important area of the state of São Paulo that has been developing significantly in recent years.

The state’s 4th busiest airport in passenger traffic, the Leite Lopes Airport (popularly known as Ribeirão Preto Airport - RAO) serves not only the city’s population, but also the state’s northeast area and Minas Gerais’ south area.

Located within the city, with access through Avenida Thomas Alberto Whately, the airport is surrounded by many residential properties, what represents restrictions in operating and installed capacity terms. Accordingly, construction works were required to adjust it to the area’s new demands.

In partnership with DAESP - Departamento Aeroviário do Estado de São Paulo (Air Traffic Department of the State of São Paulo), DERSA was responsible for designing the airport readjustment project, which included the following works:

  • Displacement of the airport’s runway in 500 meters in the direction of Avenida Thomas Alberto Whatelly, and the consequent regularization of the area added to the airport site, with the diverting of the noise curve to the airport site to prevent it from affecting surrounding properties.
  • Implementation of a new access road to the airport, including an underpass in Avenida Thomaz Alberto Whatelly and the adjustment of the existing surrounding road system through the expansion of the airport site.

Besides preparing the basic and the executive detailed project, DERSA was also responsible for the environmental license-related process, registration of properties and preparing of the Decreto de Utilidade Pública – DUP (Public Service Decree).

It’s important to highlight that the project will bring the following benefits:

  • Make the international cargo air transport economically feasible.
  • Improve the local traffic flow.
  • Improve the access to the airport.
  • Reduce the noise pollution in the airport surroundings.
  • Better use of the air traffic system.


  • Tornar a aviação de carga internacional economicamente viável
  • Melhoria operacional do tráfego local
  • Melhoria do acesso ao aeroporto
  • Redução da poluição sonora no entorno do aeroporto
  • Promoção de um melhor uso do modal aeroviário