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The environmental quality of DERSA’s projects is ensured by the several multidisciplinary solutions applied to all stages of the Company’s projects.

The “Programa de Supervisão Ambiental” (“Environmental Supervision Program”) establishes punishments when measurements are processed for companies that do not comply with the project’s requirements. It’s a methodology created by DERSA to evaluate, in the course of the works, whether the environmental (and also the social) performance is satisfactory and meets all established requirements.

The “Programa de Resgate de Flora” (“Flora Rescue Program”) is another proprietary solution conceived by DERSA especially designed to rescue rare and endangered species in the areas where the Company’s projects are developed.

The identification of these species has already made botanic studies by the State Department of the Environment feasible.

DERSA also developed pioneering studies to quantify the carbon in the forests located in the projects’ surroundings in partnership with the Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz – ESALQ (Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture), from the University of São Paulo.

Another pioneering initiative carried out by the Company, the Programa de Monitoramento e Resgate de Fauna (Fauna Monitoring and Rescue Program) monitors the routes of animals to allow the pacific and peaceful interaction between the highway traffic and the local fauna.

The construction of the fauna overpass in the Plateau Section of the Nova Tamoios Highway was another unprecedented initiative undertaken by DERSA. The first overpass of its type ever built in Brazil, it allows animals to safely cross the highway.