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Expropriation and Resettlement

DERSA adopts a conscious, responsible and fair market view, especially focused on the value of the human factor.

From the start of each project, a multidisciplinary team responsible for the Expropriation and Social Programs of the local population takes care of the details to ensure a fast, efficient and transparent process for all the parties involved.

The work developed by DERSA’s specialized technical team involves the registration and evaluation of properties to ensure that residents and owners receive updated and fair values, according to market prices.

DERSA’s social responsibility to the communities in the surroundings of its projects is a top priority. DERSA’s Social Management team develops diverse solutions to support the families impacted by the works, providing opportunities and new life and working conditions, in addition to health, dignity and education.

To achieve successful results, a group of social assistants, researchers and professionals, among whom engineers and architects, visit the locations to identify the families and check their living conditions.

Among the several solutions adopted by DERSA, highlights are:

  • Porgrama Pró-Egresso (Post Release Program), which provides former inmates and their families with social reintegration services.
  • Partnerships with several State departments and institutions (such as SEBRAE [Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises] and PROCON [Consumer Protection and Defense Foundation]) through which several events and qualification courses are offered.
  • Promotion of the Via Rápida Emprego (Employment Fast Track Program) - São Paulo State Government Employment Program that offers basic professional qualification courses.
  • Community Marriages. 

Immediate transfer of students to schools in new locations.