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Planning and Management

To deliver management solutions to highly complex works, such as highways, railways, road systems, overpasses, bridges and tunnels. Such services are based on DERSA’s expertise in managing large public and private projects based on a proprietary methodology and system developed by the Company.

The planning and management activities are carried out by a highly skilled multidisciplinary team that works on all stages of the projects up to the conclusion of the works, including planning, project design, environmental studies, tenders (in the case of public companies), execution, and supervision.

Georeferenced systems for the follow-up of each section of the works are also made available and updated with the support of the field team, which works together with the internal planning and management team. Field professionals follow the progress and inform of the physical advancements and the general status of the works, via the system. These data are transformed into spreadsheets, graphics and dashboards used in the analysis and carrying out of the schedules established for the project.

These solutions ensure efficiency, promptness and reliability to the works managed by DERSA.