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To minimize environmental impacts is a premise in the development of DERSA’s engineering projects. In line with that, the Company offers innovative and sustainable technical solutions compatible with the surroundings of its works.

One of the key solutions implemented in highway sections with higher risk of contamination in the event of accidents are the hazardous goods containment devices. In the Southern Beltway, for example, DERSA innovated by developing a solution integrated to the highway’s drainage system, which contains contaminating liquids in a single drainage point, preventing them from reaching the environment. This translates into savings and safer conditions for users and the nature.

The acoustic barriers are also an important engineering solution implemented by DERSA to reduce the noise in the highways. Additionally, DERSA’s project team adopts a methodology for the standardization and presentation of engineering projects that expedites their development, resulting in gains in terms of time and resources.

The safety factor guides the several solutions developed by DERSA’s engineering team. Most of the Company’s works include tunnels, what demands specific methodologies. From a partnership between DERSA and the Fire Department, specific project solutions were conceived to meet all safety standards, including the use of concrete pavement, ventilation systems, escape routes, and special passages for vehicles, among others.