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Public Services

In addition to the expertise in highway engineering services, DERSA has been managing eight Ferry Crossings in the State of São Paulo since 1989. They are: Santos-Guarujá, Guarujá-Bertioga, São Sebastião-Ilhabela, Iguape-Juréia, , Cananéia-Ilha Comprida, Cananéia-Continente, Cananéia-Ariri, and Vicente de Carvalho-Praça da República. The Company is recognized for the development and increase of the system’s operating capacity and, in 2011, implemented the Programa de Modernização das Travessias Litorâneas (Ferry Crossing Modernization Program). From 2011 to 2016, the State Government invested approximately BRL 308 million to improve and increase the system’s operating capacity.

All vessels are subject to preventive maintenance schedules and, every four years, to a structural restoration before going through a strict evaluation and certification process conducted by the Navy to continue to operate.

In addition to expanding and modernizing the fleet, the Company also makes continuous improvements to the sheds and the control system that benefit users and ensure more comfortable, safe and fast travels.

In 2016, 22,000 pedestrians, 9,000 motorcyclists and 22,000 vehicles used the eight ferries on a daily basis, what results in approximately 2 million crossings per month.