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DERSA has developed an internal system to manage the several planning and execution stages of complex infrastructure projects. It’s an integrated management solution that includes the following modules:


Management of contracts through the recording and monitoring of data, amendments, managers, balances, payments, measurements, and termination. Developed in the web platform, it ensures high quality, reliable and prompt access to information.


Integrated to the contracts/payment system module, it controls the measurements of the contracts managed by DERSA with the objective of calculating measurements according to the quantities and readjustments established in the service spreadsheets. Available in the web platform, it allows contract supervisors to input and manage measurement data directly from the works or location where the services are carried out.


Management of all stages of the expropriation process, from the recording of the properties to the evaluation, negotiation and authorization for the execution of the works.  As the control stages are integrated in a web interface, this module also allows the follow-up of each stage of the expropriation process.


Management of all stages of the resettlement process, from the registration of the families and improvements to their relocation to new housing units or the payment of indemnifications. The system ensures supervised and fast resettlement processes.


Environmental management and monitoring of the works managed by DERSA through interfaces in the system that, based on pre-established parameters, indicate possible environmental nonconformances and inform which actions must be taken in each specific case. It also includes the supervision of preventive or corrective actions to address eventual problems.


Management of all projects managed by DERSA, with specific interfaces developed for the different kinds of users. The system controls the processing of files and the issuing of documents, from their drafting to their approval and submission – without the need of physically submitting or printing them. Through a web interface, the system expedites the approval process and makes files and documents promptly available for the performing of the works.

Accordingly, DERSA applies its expertise and knowledge in different areas to meet the most diverse market demands. It’s a complete, modern and innovative initiative that provides faster processes, in addition to an improved control of the stages related to the management of the works via the web.

Another technological solution, the Via Digital is a platform of electronic services developed by DERSA to get the public closer to the online environment, ensuring easier, more efficient and safer customer services.

A prominent and innovative partnership is the one formed with CREA (the Regional Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy Council of the State of São Paulo), through which an integrated solution for the digital issue of the Atestado de Capacidade Técnica – ACT (Technical Capacity Certificate) was developed. The process is fully automated and, therefore, does not require the physical submission and circulation of documents. The certificate is issued in the PDF format and signed on a digital basis, eliminating the requirement of notarized signatures, with the authenticity confirmed by the Atestado Seguro (Safe Certificate) tool, available for public consultation. Access the Via Digital website.

Additionally, the Company also offers the Hora Marcada (“Scheduled Time”) for the Ferry Crossings, which allows users to schedule their travel in advance through the internet and the time they want to board the ferry.