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Cycle Tracks

The use of bicycles has been more and more encouraged all over the world as it is an affordable and non-pollutant means of transportation. In this context, bikes are no longer used for leisure purposes only, but the main means of transportation for a significant number of people, primarily in urban areas.

DERSA has been taking this trend into account in all of its projects involving roads close to urban areas for a long time. Learn more about some cycle tracks built by the Company:

  • DERSA built a 11.4-kilometer cycle track in the Estrada Parque, in the Parque Ecológico do Tietê, east side of São Paulo metropolitan area.
  • In the Tamoios Highway, region of Paraibuna, the Company built 5.5 kilometers of cycle tracks in the following sections:
  • Northern lane (in the direction of São José dos Campos): from the kilometer 35.8 to the kilometer 38.1;
  • Southern lane (in the coastal direction): from the kilometer 28.9 to the kilometer 32.2;
  • In Avenida Papa João XXIII, in the region of Mauá, the Company constructed 2.4 kilometers of cycle tracks;
  • In the contour of the roadway to the Leite Lopes Regional Airport, in the city of Ribeirão Preto, DERSA’s team designed 5.8 kilometers of cycle tracks, divided into central and lateral islands.