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To ensure the safety and mobility of pedestrians is also a priority in all of the projects developed by DERSA. With that in mind, the Company builds overpasses in traffic ways and highways and bus stop shelters.

In the Plateau section of the Nova Tamoios Highway, for example, DERSA has already built 3 overpasses and other 12 are under construction.

São Paulo’s largest overpass, located in the Polo Itaquera Road Complex, was built by DERSA. The overpass extends for 185 meters and has a 70-meter ramp (in the northern-southern direction, parallel to the road system).

Located next to Centro de Educação Infantil Professora Abigail Rocha Moreno, it links Itaquera neighborhood’s northern area to the Arena Corinthians Stadium, over the Metro’s and CPTM’ rails, as well as the Radial Leste (Eastern Radial Way) and Avenida José Pinheiro Borges (Nova Radial – New Radial Way).

More than 22,000 people use DERSA’s eight Ferry Crossings on a daily basis, of whom 15,000, the exclusive ferries for pedestrians: Vicente de Carvalho-Praça da República (Santos) and Cananéia-Ariri. The Programa de Modernização das Travessias Litorâneas (Ferry Crossing Modernization Program) has directly benefited the system’s users.