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One of the most ambitious railway infrastructure projects, the Ferroanel (Railway Belt) will enable freight trains to cross São Paulo metropolitan area without interfering in the transport of passengers. In addition to the metropolitan area, the Railway Belt will also interconnect Campinas, Vale do Paraíba, and Baixada Santista (Santos Lowlands).

The Northern Section of the Railway Belt will extend for 52.75 kilometers, interconnecting the Perus Station (São Paulo) to the Engenheiro Manoel Feio Station (Itaquaquecetuba). DERSA is responsible for designing the project and developing the Environmental Impact Study/Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR) for its implementation. When concluded, the Northern Railway will divert approximately 2,800 trucks/day from the highways in the short and medium terms, and 4,200 trucks/day in the long term.