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The terrain is located in the municipality of São Paulo, in the loop of the Rodoanel Mario Covas to Via Anhanguera, towards the capital. The proximity to one of the main connecting roads of the State is of extreme value, since the Via Anhanguera connects the Metropolitan Regions of São Paulo and Campinas. The Rodoanel Mario Covas, in turn, connects the main highways that connect the capital of São Paulo to the interior and other capitals of Brazil.

The Region

The region has nearby single-family dwellings of medium to simple standard, with characteristics typical of a farm.


The terrain consists of 62% of Environmental Preservation Area (ZEPAM) and 38% of Area of ​​Preservation and Sustainable Development (ZPDS).


The property is registered in the 18th Real Estate Registry Officer of São Paulo, under no. 206,526 (190,188.77 m²). Considering that 34,873.45 m² belong to the highway domain, the remaining usable area with 155,315.32 m² should be detached from the said registry.

 Land Information